Thursday, January 7, 2010

Budget Friendly Tip of the Week

It seems the underlying theme this month on the blogs I follow is budget so I plan to post a budget-friendly tip or two each week. This week's tip came to mind as I was making dinner last night. I regularly purchase pork tenderloin from Costco in packages of 5 or 6 for around $20 which means I have 5 or 6 dinners for around $5 a piece plus veggies. I used one in a stir-fry and realized that was an awful lot of meat for 3 of us. So my tip is - next time I purchase the pack I'll cut two in half before freezing them and use these in my stirfries instead (BONUS TIME-SAVING TIP: slice the loins in half lengthwise then slice the halves into strips before freezing to save on prep time later).


  1. I kept trying to post a reply to your comment on Stacy Julian's blog, but for some reason it wouldn't let me. Anyway...the steelmaster drawers are avaliable through Grand & Toy here in Canada
    I just use the Sterlite shoe drawers. I got mine at London Drugs. But many stores carry Sterlite.;Homeware;Home%20Organization;Totes%20and%20Storage;Product%20Comparison&Catalog=Homeware&Category=Totes%20and%20Storage&Item0=2977973&NavStatus=1

    I've never seen the Pioneer albums here. There are some from Pioneer but they are coil bound or magnetic.
    Good luck and see you in class!
    TracyBzz from BPS

  2. Make extra and freeze it for those days when you are rushed or just can't be bothered then you have a healthy and a cheap option to a takeaway