Monday, November 9, 2009


Well, as my very dear friend Noreen pointed out, it's been a while. I'll just share what's been going on around here.
1. My hubby bought me a Cricut for Christmas! I found it at for and incredible $149.99 USD. Best of all the shipping was only $15 USD.
2. I have been debating having my children vaccinated for H1N1. After much debate and discussion with family and friends, I am ready to bite the bullet.
3. Nico is loving preschool. Wednesdays are his favorite because it's "gym" day.
4. We were lucky enough to be invited by DH's cousin to employee shopping days at Toys'R'Us last night. So in one foul swoop we completed most of our Christmas shopping for our boys, 3 nieces and a few friends.
Well that's what's goin' on. Happy holiday planning to all!

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